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M2MCafe aims to be the one point source for all information related to Internet of Things (IoT), M2M, Internet of Everything and all things digitally connected.

If the last 20 years were about evolution in IT and telecom space, creating an interface for human beings and machines, the years ahead will create interfaces for machines to talk to each other. Human beings are set for a new kind of technological revolution where objects – both living and non-livings – are going to interact through a universal language, we call it the internet of things.

M2M or machine to machine is a term coined to describe how one machine could able to communicate with another machine, thus giving rise to numerous potential benefits to the human beings. More specifically, M2M is a technology that connects various electronic devices through wired or wireless networks in order to create a channel where each device could digitally communicate with each other. This conversation has immense value for businesses as well as industries such as automotive, industrial automation, health, civic services, defence, smart cities and many more. The usability of M2M, as an integral part of Internet of Things (IoT), is growing day by day and its benefits are being reaped in newer industries as the technology matures.

We, at M2MCafe, will bring you latest developments, case studies, whitepapers, expert opinion around IoT, M2M and everything that happens in a connected world. M2MCafe has a growing social media network. Ever since its inception, it has been garnering reader’s interest and giving rise to engaging conversations on and around IoT, on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Do get in touch with us if you want to share your success stories, information or anything you or your company is doing around IoT, M2M and connected world. We would love to hear from you.

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