Who Wins The Qualcomm Design In India Challenge 2018 And Why

Qualcomm India has announced the winners of its ‘Design in India Challenge’ for the year 2018. The three winners, first, second and third, are Artelus India Pvt. Ltd, Mobiusworks Pvt. Ltd. and Chigroo Labs Pvt. Ltd and stand to win prize money of $100,000, $ 75,000 and $50,000 respectively.

The San Diego based chipmaker had started the Qualcomm Design in India Challenge in 2016 to encourage startups to develop innovative hardware products using Qualcomm’s advanced technologies.

This year, for 2018, majority of the entries for Qualcomm Design in India Challenge were from the medtech space, followed by smart infrastructure, smart wearables and fintech. The competition also recorded an increase in the number of women -led startups this year. To help these companies launch their products in the market, Qualcomm offered professional scaling workshops to all the startups. Qualcomm is also offering IP patent filing incentives of up to $ 5,000 to each startup to boost innovation and encourage filing of patents.

Artelus India Pvt. Ltd

Artelus India is a Bangalore based startup that focuses in using machine learning and similar advanced technology solutions to assist in providing healthcare solutions. The company uses deep learning algorithm to help doctors and clinicians for early detection of diseases. The firm believes solutions using Deep Learning Algorithms have a higher rate of accuracy and early detection can save lives.

The company is working in multiple fields of medical science including detection of breast cancer, TB and diseases related to lungs. They have multiple solutions related to eye care and diabetes as well.

Artelus came out as the winner of the Qualcomm Design in India Challenge 2018 and wins a prize money of $100,000.

Mobiusworks Pvt. Ltd

This company is into wearables for your dogs. Yes, Mobiusworks has developed a wearable for dogs, named Wagr, that can help you keep track of all aspects of your pet.

Wagr is a small, light, and comfortable device which tracks your dog’s location and activity. The device attaches to your dogs’ collar and through the companion mobile app, tells you everything you need to know to ensure their safety and fitness.

Founded by Advaith Mohan, Ajith Kochery and Siddharth Darbha, the company’s first set of Wagr products were sold out in do time.

Chigroo Labs Pvt. Ltd

This firm builds smart cradles for your baby! They have designed a smart connected cradle for babies that help the parents worry less as the cradle offers more comfort, and informs the parents about the baby’s sleep, and other important data. The cradle rocks itself slowly and smoothly automatically, plays soothing music, alerts the parents of the kid’s early wake up, level crankiness, if any and some other features.

The cradle, named Cradlewise, monitors the kid through videography and the parents can see it through their smartphones.

Launched in 2016, the incubation and design accelerator program encourages startups to develop innovative hardware products using Qualcomm’s advanced technologies. With its fourth edition now open for registration, the program continues to spur research and development for products targeted at both domestic and export markets in wearables, machine learning, smart homes, smart cities, agritech, medtech, and fintech.

With the 2018 edition coming to an end, the program has supported 39 startups with an overall investment of over USD 12.3M out of 900 applicants in its three-year run. The program supports fast design cycles and time-to-market by utilizing Qualcomm’s longstanding presence in India. Qualcomm’s expertise helps Indian companies design and create products in the IoT space for global markets. While working with Qualcomm as part of the program, the startups have filed over 70 patents and launched more than 15 commercial products.

With the closure of the 2018 edition, the company has already floated the Qualcomm Design in India Challenge 2019. The challenge this year will focus on helping startups scale their businesses. Supported by Qualcomm, these companies will be incubated at the Qualcomm Innovation Labs in Bangalore and Hyderabad.

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