Airtel Partners Maruti Suzuki For Connected Cars Solutions

India Mobile Congress 2018 or IMC 2018, touted to be India’s largest technology event starts from 25th October and would run till 27th October. The event, in its second edition, promises to showcase plethora of new and futuristic technologies including 5G and its use cases, IoT, connected cars and many more.

In this technology showcase, Airtel, India’s largest telecom firm, is also planning to showcase multiple use cases of 5G and connected ecosystem. One of the key demonstrations from the firm is going to be connected cars.

A connected car uses latest communication technologies to enable the driver/rider of the vehicle to control and monitor the car even remotely. Besides, it also offers multiple use cases like connecting to near by emergency service agencies like police, fire and ambulances or hospitals.

Though it is not known what Airtel would be showcasing in its connected car, but the firm has partnered with Indian car maker Maruti Suzuki for a trial. As per sources, with Airtel connected car concept, you can track your car location, get advanced security features and enable improved and connected infotainment system.

If Airtel demonstrates its connected cars solution, it will be the first such showcase by any Indian operator or firm in the country.

Besides the connected car, Airtel is also believed to demonstrate other 5G use cases like 5G hologram, and connected homes.

As the IMC 2018 is all about future technologies like 5G and IoT, besides Airtel, it is expected that many more global companies including Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung and Reliance Jio are also planning to showcase their new solutions and services around these new technologies.

Besides Airtel, Samsung is also planning to showcase its connected cars solution at the IMC 2018. The company has integrated its connected car solutions with luxury car maker Maserati and it will be on display at the event during the entire duration.

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