Bamur Motors Develops Smart Electric Tricycle For Smart Cities

A smart city will not be complete unless smart and environment friendly vehicles ply in the city. And, precisely, that is what a Faridabad based firm is trying to do. The company has developed a smart electric tricycle for smart cities that runs on battery and has other connected elements.

The smart tricycle essentially aims to replace the age-old, man-pulled rickshaws from the roads. The electric tricycle, named as Pehel, or Pedal Electric Hybrid Economical Lastmile transport, is an electric motor driven rickshaw. However, it is completely different than the battery rickshaws plying on the roads.


The tricycle is powered by a 250 watt electric motor that can run the vehicle for 100 kms on one charge. With a hybrid concept, the tricycle can also be driven by using manual pedal force. Essentially, besides the electric motor, one can run the tricycle by pedaling just like the traditional rickshaws.

The tricycle also comes with in-built GPS and WiFi, so that the operator can track the movement of the vehicle. The WiFi helps the tricycle users to get connected to the free internet service. Besides, the tricycle has an electronic display board where the company can relay messages pertaining to the city, like local news, information on local art and fair etc.

“The future is about smart vehicles, that run smooth, keep you connected with your surroundings and do not pose a threat to the environment, besides offering you a healthy living” says Sanjit Singh, Director at Bamur Motors, the makers of the Pehel electric tricycle.

When asked the utility of the vehicle, Singh says the vehicle can be a great alternative to the age-old rickshaws that are pulled or pedaled by men.

“The traditional rickshaws, though economical and ecofriendly, are difficult to drive and demands a great deal of manual labor,” he explains. “At the same time, these tricycles would be smooth to drive.”

He says the proposed ban on city centers like Delhi’s Cannaught Place is a good idea as visitors to these places do not get the pleasure of shopping at the century-old shopping paradise because of constant movement of vehicles.

“Pehel tricycles can be a good alternative for these places,” he suggests.

Since the announcement of smart city projects by the Narendra Modi government, there are lots of movement going on at the electric vehicles, connected cars and hybrid communication.

Early this month Chennai based technology company Smartron acquired a city based electric bike maker Volta Motors. Smartron is funded and backed by ace cricketer Sachin Tendulkar and Volta Motors manufactures electric bikes and mopeds.

Bamur Motors too plans to bring out range of IoT enabled electric vehicles that will be designed, engineered and manufactured in India. The company is planning to launch the smart electric tricycle in coming weeks,

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