Joining Hands For Accountable Healthcare: ARM & US TrustedCare

Together, these companies will build medical devices that will allow patients to recover at home and transition to a monitored wellness lifestyle

With an aim to improve healthcare and develop medical devices for the future, US TrustedCare Inc., an Austin based digital health company, has joined hands with ARM, a leading semiconductor IP company. Together, both the companies are collaborating to enable new medical devices for the emerging accountable health care sector. The goal is to develop medical devices for use in the care of patients with chronic conditions in a way that allows a wide variety of providers to access information in a secure, authenticated and auditable manner. Allowing patients to recover at home and transition to a monitored wellness lifestyle should be the norm of future health care.

Betty Otter Nickerson, ex-CEO of Sage HealthCare things that this collaboration will alleviate the burgeoning issue of technology integration facing the health care industry by standardizing communication interfaces and thereby, significantly reducing the cost to integrate medical and wearable devices while at the same time, bringing a new level of security and accountability in care delivery.
As part of this collaboration, ARM and US Trusted Care will create firmware, software technologies and APIs, based on existing and emerging standards for bridging health care and wellness. These technologies will offer the industry telecare standards to enable health care and wellness device manufacturers to seamlessly integrate with a wide variety of health care management systems, significantly reducing current complex integration issues.

Both the companies would be harnessing each other’s technological strengths for developing next-gen healthcare solutions for chronic patients. The ARM processors deployed in smartphones might be the main platform for securely gathering medical data and acquiring a patient’s biometric identity and consent,” revealed Shiv Ramamurthi, health care technology director, ARM. And TrustedCare’s remote monitoring capabilities will help improve health care efficiency by enabling providers to gather trusted data, and thereby make timely clinical decisions and deliver better care at lower cost.

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