Fujitsu To Transform Manufacturing With New IoT Solution

Claims its new solution named VisuaLine will help organization improve their production efficiency

Fujitsu has launched VisuaLine, an IoT solution, for the Manufacturing Industry. With this new solution, the company aims to help organizations leverage IoT to transform their manufacturing facilities. VisuaLine helps tackle production inefficiency, which is one of the major problems manufacturers struggle with.

Failure to take counter measures for issues like malfunctioning production equipment often hit manufacturers’ production efficiency. However, with VisuaLine solution manufacturers can take timely action. This IoT solution collects log data from the manufacturing equipment used in the production process and visualizes the operational status for each individual product, which can be compared on a regular basis to discover anomalies at a glance instead of waiting for them to be discovered.

This new solution is a result of a joint initiative by Fujistsu and Omron. Based on the operating results established in the joint trial with Omron, Fujitsu is offering VisuaLine, with functionality such as video linking, which was developed in the internal trial at Fujitsu I-Network Systems, to support the transformation of manufacturing facilities with IoT.

It is worth noting that Fujitsu and Omron started their joint initiative to transform manufacturing using log data from manufacturing equipment on the printed circuit surface mounted technology (SMT process) line in the year 2014. The first trial of this initiative was run in Omron’s Kusatsu Factory, which confirmed a 30% improvement in production efficiency over six months. An internal trial carried out in 2016 in the SMT process at the Yamanashi Plant of Fujitsu I-Network Systems Limited further resulted in a 25% reduction in downtime.

The manufacturers can expect similar efficiency improvements in their facilities with VisuaLine. They can use this IoT solution to determine anomalies that would previously have been discovered through alarms from the equipment or operation shutdowns can be prevented through advance inspection, improving production efficiency.

The solution will also enable them to link log data from graphs to cameras installed in a manufacturing facility. This will enable them to check video of that point in time when anamolies had happened. In addition, this system enables users to search for places to improve based on where they fell short of goals, through a comparative visualization function that compares scheduled process goals and actual results.

With VisuaLine solution IoT-based improvement of manufacturing facilities can be started immediately. The manufacturers get the ability to have small starts that keep initial investments in check, deployment from a single line can be rolled out and expanded to other factories.

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