To Show IoT Network Using Bluetooth At Rise, Hong Kong

The iot world is all changing out there with regular advancements which has led to an enormous expansion in the iot world, this has also marked a need of advanced networking for these iot applications to work properly.

The most common and widely used procedure of networking these days is to use either a built-in 3G or 4G card, which makes devices heavy and not very easy to handle, or a low-power wide area network like LoRa or Sigfox.

However,, which is set to launch this week, has a very different approach as it is using software-based Bluetooth networks that uses the hardware which is already available in billions of existing IoT devices, which is further combined with smartphones and apps to connect devices.

Nodle has made a promise which is that this kind of network will be able to offer bandwidth that is comparable to Sigox and LoRa, but it has efficient and low energy needs for the IoT devices themselves. To achieve this, Nodle is betting on a combination of crowdsourcing bandwidth and partnerships.

Developers who use its SDK can actually monetize their apps by turning their users into bigger sets of network hubs that the Nodle networks can use to connect to the internet. Nodle then shares its profits with these developers based on the number of connections they provide.

The company has also developed an Android app named Noodle, that is essentially an example for a Nodle-enabled app to experience the service.

The company is officially launching its solutions at the RISE conference in Hong Kong this week and also expects to partner with IoT device manufacturers as well as platform players.

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