Leading Drone Companies In India

Looking at enormous potential, many an Indian companies have forayed into manufacturing as well as offering services of drones.  Here are some prominent drone companies in India.

The industry of drones or unmanned aerial vehicles is getting bigger year over year with the advancement of the technologies involved and discoverability of its potential use cases. Primarily used in the defence agencies across the globe, drones have now entered into civilian services and has started doing simple operations like delivering a pizza at your place!

Like its global counterparts India is not untouched by the drones industry. The government of India last year came out with a drones policy explaining what makes a ‘drone’, the guidelines to fly and a drone and the ‘dos and don’ts’ of its usage.

Looking at enormous potential, many an Indian companies have forayed into manufacturing as well as offering services of drones.  Here are some prominent drone companies in India.


IdeaForge is was founded by Ankit Mehta, Rahul Singh, Ashish Bhat and Vipul Joshi. This firm manufactures quadcopter and fixed-wing UAVs. The company proudly boasts of its clientele including Indian Armed Forces, law enforcement bodies, and corporates outside the defense space.

Aurora Integrated Systems
Aurora Integrated Systems is founded by graduates from IIT Kanpur and is funded and supported by the Tata Group. The firm  develops drones with a focus on small Unmanned Aerial Systems. The firm offers services like Geo-Information Systems, Agriculture and Disaster Management. They are also into wartime operations to counter-terrorism and anti-insurgency operations.

Airpix provides data processing and analytics solutions derived from unmanned aerial vehicles or drones and has paying customers across across various industries (government planning bodies, mining, oil and gas, railways, roads, agriculture, wind and solar power, and more). By utilizing a network of enrolled UAV operators across India and in-house UAV operation teams, Airpix gathers high quality UAV data and carries out data processing and analytics to generate valuable insights for customers. In particular, we capture high resolution aerial imagery in visual / thermal / near infrared spectrum, process it to generate high density point clouds, 2D & 3D outputs like orthophoto, Digital Surface Models, asset inspection reports and more, to generate insights such as planimetric and volumetric analyses, change tracking, defect identification, etc. Benchmark customers include Indian Railways, Govt. of AP, MSRDC, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation, Larsen & Toubro, Shapoorji Pallonji and more. AirPix was founded by Aniket Tatipamula, Shinil Shekhar and Neeraj Waghchaure in year 2013.

Aero360 was founded by Pragadish Santhosh and is located in Chennai. The company serves to consumers as well as enterprises. Some services they provide include providing aerial images of topography data, 3D digital elevation models and digital surface models to enable better assessment, planning, surveying, inspection and maintenance. Aero360 also has a drone training facility  that offer training on various drone operations.

Aerial Photo India
This Pune based drone startup offers mapping and survey services to government agencies, architecture firms and mining companies. Besides, it also offers photography and video shoot services to end users as well as for business requirements.

AerialAir is another Maharashtra based drones firm that primarily offers imaging solutions for commercial as well consumer purposes. Started by some tech students, Aerialair specializes in advance aerial imaging solution for commercial and residential real estate, construction, architects, roofing contractors, movie and commercial production, government and law enforcement agencies, and anyone in need of high-quality aerial intelligence especially in Mumbai, Pune and all over India by using remote operated drones & UAV with High Definition Sensors.

Aarav Unmanned Systems
Aarav Unmanned Systems is located in Bengaluru and is founded by Yeshwanth Reddy, Vipul Singh, Suhas Banshiwala and Nikhil Upadhye. The five year old drone startup makes multi-rotor and fixed wing UAVs. The firm primarily caters to enterprises and offer services like industrial inspection, GIS surveying and mapping and precision agriculture.

Asteria Aerospace
Asteria Aerospace is a robotics and artificial intelligence company that develops drone based solutions to provide actionable intelligence from aerial data. For security and surveillance applications, Asteria provides specialized unmanned aerial platforms to military, paramilitary and police forces with best-in-class performance and proven reliability in demanding environments. Asteria Aerospace was founded by Nihar Vartak and Neel Mehta.

Pigeon Innovative Solutions
Pigeon Innovative Solutions, is a Drone Survey company in India specializing in professional aerial photography services with innovative sensor technologies in the areas of UAV Drone surveying, mapping, GIS surveying, topographic survey, 3D models, photogrammetery consultancy, drone inspection, aerial infrastructure monitoring, mining services, agricultural drones, vegetation mapping, crop health monitoring as well as aerial filming and aerial videography services.

BubbleFly is a Delhi based drone firm and was founded in 2016 by Nishant Purohit and Reji Sivakutty. Based in Okhla, the firm manufactures drones for multiple purposes. Their services include monitoring, surveillance, inspection, 3D mapping, and thermal imaging.

Drona Aviation
Drona Aviation is a Mumbai IIT startup and founded seven years back. It designs and develops UAS for personal, civic, and industrial use. The company also sells ready-to-fly, do-it-yourself drone kits, and conducts workshops to increase awareness around drones and other UAS.

Drone Aerospace Systems
Drone Aerospace Systems serves UAV manufacturers who maintain high standards for both the hardware that they integrate into their systems and the software that drives them. Our customers require products that are reliable, scalable and customizable. Drone Aerospace Systems is among the leading drone companies in India that offers lightweight UAV autopilots that fly fixed-wing, transitional, helicopter, and multi-rotor UAVs.

Indrones is a drone service provider and primarily works in the sector of agriculture. This Mumbai founded firm offers services  like GIS mapping, precision agriculture, monitoring and inspection of infrastructure.

Drone Nation
Drone Nation provides end to end aerial solutions using Drones. Our services includes Aerial Photogrammetry, Survey, Inspection and Monitoring to provide solutions in sectors such as Energy, Utilities and Infrastructure. The company was founded by Chetan Reddy, Vichar Shroff, Vaibhav Agarwal are founders of Drone Nation.

Gravodrone is a Bangalore based one startup founded by Priya Iyengar and Raakesh Ramaswamy. It provides services of Aerial Photography / Drone Photography , Aerial Videography, Aerial Inspection, Wind-turbine Inspection / Windmill Inspection, Structural Inspection, Civil Engineering Inspection, Aerial Survey, Aerial Mapping, 2D & 3D Orthomosaics, Digital Surface models, Digital terrain models Digital elevation models(DEM), Volumetric analysis, 3D Modelling in India.

INDrone Aero Systems
Indrone Aero Systems, a Bangalore based drone startup, was founded by Anurag Joshi and Abhishek G S. This firm offers mapping, surveying, surveillance, plant health and growth monitoring, inspection of infrastructure, and disaster management services.

John Livingstone founded Johnnette in  2014. Located in Noida, Johnnette Technologies is a drone manufacturer and service company. It provides services including inspections, disaster management assistance, mapping, and aerial cinematography using drones.

Kadet Defence Systems
Kadet Defence Systems manufactures a wide range of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Micro UAV, Mini UAV, Commercial Drones, Fixed Wing Drones, Industrial Drones, and also offers Aerial Solutions for military, industrial, environmental and agricultural sectors. Over the last decade, Kadet has delivered over one hundred unmanned aerial vehicles to the Ministry of Defence in India under one of our prime production contracts and has also undertaken operations in countries outside India.

Omnipresent Robot Tech
Headquartered in New Delhi Omnipresent Robot Tech designs and develops drones for enterprises with a focus on inspections and monitoring. The company also develops robots for industrial and consumer use cases. The company was founded by Aakash Kishore Sinha and Jyoti Vashishtha Sinha Omnipresent Robot Tech.

Skylark Drones
Headquartered in Bengaluru Skylark Drones was founded by Mughilan Thiru Ramasamy and Mrinal Pai in year 2015. A drone service company, Skylark Drones focuses on mining, infrastructure and utility industries. It offers services like aerial surveying, mapping, and infrastructure inspection.

Quidich Innovation Labs
Quidich Innovation Labs is an aerial cinematography service provider with a focus on drone filming. The company also offers drone services like mapping and infrastructure inspection. Quidich Innovation Labs was founded by Rahat Kulshreshtha and Gaurav Mehta in 2015 and is situated in Mumbai.

Samhams Technologies
Samhams Technologies provides automatic flying crafts and services in the areas of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. It was founded by Shaik Sameer Ahamed, Abul Kalam Khan and Mirza Jahangeer Baig. This drone company is headquartered in Nellore.

Takvaviya Technologies
Bhaskar Raghunathan founded Takvaviya in Chennai. The company focuses on mining, power, oil & gas, infrastructure, and agriculture sectors. Its services include aerial survey, inspections and monitoring for these sectors.

V Drone Agro
Headquartered in Bengaluru, this drone company develops and designs drone-based systems for the agriculture sector with an aim to help farmers with crop yield. It provides services like crop health, data analysis and mapping using its in-house analytics solutions. The company was founded by Kunal Sharma in 2017.

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