3GPP Freezes NB-IoT Standards

LTEAdvancedPro-nb-iotThe 3GPP or 3rd Generation Partnership Project  last week has completed the standardization of NB-IoT, or the narrowband radio technology developed for the Internet-of-Things (IoT).

The changes or standards are implemented in the latest release of the 3GPP called Release 13 (LTE Advanced Pro). The organisation said while corrections are still possible in the coming months, the feature is now frozen in the specification, and only essential backward-compatible changes will be allowed from now onwards.

“It took us only 9 months to standardize the new technology after the study phase. Once again 3GPP demonstrated the ability to quickly respond to the emerging market needs” Dino Flore, the Chairman of 3GPP RAN, said.

With the completion of the NB-IOT, 3GPP has concluded a major effort in Release 13 to address the IoT market. The portfolio of new technologies that 3GPP operators can now use to address their different market requirements includes NB-IOT, eMTC and EC-GSM-IoT.

NB-IoT is now widely recognised as the best technology for a wide range of applications and services. From keeping track of utility meters, to monitoring car park sensors, through to asset-tracking, the technology has demonstrated outstanding capabilities and has exceeded industry expectations. NB-IoT benefits from using existing network infrastructure, which means that it will have excellent coverage, reliable connectivity and will benefit from using established networks that are continually monitored and managed for performance.

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