5G, IoT, Cloud To Disrupt Every Industry : Ericsson CEO

ericsson-ceo-hans-vestbergBy making the obvious a bit more obvious, Ericsson president & CEO Hans Vestberg said the next technologies that are going to disrupt every industry are 5G, cloud and IoT, and digital disruption is the next big thing for them.

Vestberg was delivering his address at the opening session of the ongoing Mobile World Congress 2016.

“Along with our industry and our customers, Ericsson is on a transformation journey. Today, 66 percent of our business comes from software and services; just years ago the majority was hardware. The majority of our principal competitors are ICT players, rather than telecommunications businesses. Our portfolio is constantly evolving to keep pace with customer demands. Now, with industries and even whole societies being disrupted by mobility, broadband and cloud, we are accelerating our own transformation,” he said.

Below is a snapshot of Ericsson’s initiatives towards 5G, IoT and cloud. These announcements were made by the CEO at MWC.:


  • Ericsson has agreements with 20 major operators around the world to work together on 5G – more than any other vendor. 5G radio test-bed field trials will start in 2016.
  • Ericsson is leading research initiatives for 5G pre-standardization including 5GEx, METIS II and 5G for Europe; the company is committed to continued engagement with industry and society partners.
  • Ericsson is active in aligning industry time plans (3GPP, ITU-R) to assure the commercial launch of 5G in 2020.
  • Ericsson is delivering 5G technology to improve today’s 4G networks – Ericsson Lean Carrier, Elastic RAN, Massive IoT (NB-IoT and LTE-M).


  • Ericsson’s new IoT Transformation offering is a modular set of IoT professional services and software solutions that can be tailored to operators’ needs and IoT ambitions. It leverages Ericsson’s global services footprint, industry experience and technology leadership to help customers drive IoT transformation and business.
  • Ericsson is collaborating with AT&T to bring the operator’s Digital Life solution – which uses IoT technology to transform home security and automation – to service providers outside the US.


Establishing a Unified Delivery Network
Ericsson also announced the establishment of a Unified Delivery Network (UDN) with global service providers to launch a new ubiquitous content delivery ecosystem. The UDN is supported by service providers including Hutchison, Telstra, AIS and Vodafone, and by leading content providers. The UDN aggregates regional service provider capabilities on a global scale, and allows consumers to benefit from enhanced quality video experiences through seamless delivery.

Vestberg underlined that many of these announcements are based on industry partnerships, since no single company is capable of capturing every opportunity by itself in an increasingly complex ICT landscape. This year, more than 50 partners have joined Ericsson at MWC at various levels.

“With the pace of change faster than ever, strong and long-term strategic partnerships are a necessity to drive growth, accelerate innovation and speed the digital transformation demanded by customers and consumers across all industries,” he said.

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