Acer Forms New Unit To Focus On IoT

acer_iotIn a recent organizational restructuring, tech giant Acer formed a new division to focus on internet of things (IoT), especially in the areas of smartphones and wearable devices.

As per the announcement, the company’s business is now divided in to two new divisions – core business and new business, and the IoT portfolio falls under the new business unit.

“The Core Business umbrella shall consist of: the IT Products Business that encompasses notebooks, desktops and tablet PCs, and its R&D; the digital display and server products businesses; and corporate business planning operations. Separately, the New Business umbrella will consist of: BYOC and Smart Products Business that encompasses Acer’s BYOC cloud services, smartphones and wearable devices; the value lab, and e-business,” the company said in a statement.

BYOC stand for ‘Build your own cloud’.

The IoT team of Acerwould be co-headed by presidents Maverick Shih and ST Liew.

The new structure of Acer will address the diverse development needs of IT hardware products versus cloud services, smart devices and e-businesses, allowing for each group the independence to focus within its ecosystem. The division will encourage the optimization of each business model, enhance the allocation of operational resources, propel organic growth, and accelerate the overall company transformation, the company added.

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