Aeris Publishes Book On Internet Of Things

aeris_m2mInternet of things firm Aeris Tuesday said it has releassed the second edition of its popular IoT eBook, “The Definitive Guide: The Internet of Things for Business.”

Authored by Syed Zaeem Hosain, founder and chief technology officer of Aeris, the Aeris IoT eBook addresses the need for a broad, yet comprehensive guide that enables enterprises and services providers to navigate potential pitfalls and capitalize on IoT opportunities. The IoT eBook also serves as a primer for business executives and outlines the steps necessary to embrace IoT without the need for an advanced engineering background. Hosain published the first edition in November 2015.

“In the world of IoT, buyers are put at a disadvantage by the dizzying array of baffling acronyms and technology that evolves at lightning pace. If you’re thinking of deploying IoT and you’re interested in making intelligent decisions then you have already made a great one in reading this book. Let Syed Hosain and Aeris reset your knowledge imbalance with this comprehensive and authoritative book,” said Matt Hatton, founder and chief executive officer, Machina Research.

The second edition has added some new topics and upgraded some of the existing ones. The new and updated chapters in the second edition include the future of the Internet of Things, IoT lifecycle management, implementing an IoT solution, IoT analytics, connectivity management platforms,  IoT scalability and alternative technologies and security and IoT.

“Imagine a future where enterprises, service providers and consumers will routinely ask product companies about the sensor capabilities accessible via a mobile app when purchasing a new refrigerator or car. In this future, vehicles will talk back to the driver not just drive for them, people will wear clothes connected to the Internet, reading glasses will be connected to the Internet to provide additional context to enrich the user’s experience and more than one-half of the Internet traffic to homes will go to their appliances and devices and not to children’s video games. Sound unlikely? We think this future may not be too far away,”  Syed Zaeem Hosain, founder and chief technology officer, Aeris, who also authored the book.

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