Amdocs Launches IoT Monetization Platform At MWC

amdocs-iot-platformAmdocs on Monday launched its internet of things (IoT) monetization platform, a multi-industry cloud-based multi-tenant platform, that helps service providers to maximize the potential of IoT services. With this platform, service providers can quickly onboard enterprise and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partners and bill consumers purchasing IoT products and services directly, or via the consumer’s bill with the service provider

In addition to supporting the traditional IoT wholesale-billing model for communications services, the Amdocs IoT Monetization platform allows service providers to unleash the potential of consumer IoT by supporting multiple additional engagement models, such as white-label billing for the IoT provider, reselling IoT services directly to the consumer, or becoming an IoT services billing provider. The platform handles complex settlements across the different engagement models and manages the entire financial flow between all the involved parties.

“The move from wholesale IoT to consumer-level IoT is a dramatic shift, creating many new challenges. In this new environment, enterprises and OEMs need geographical outreach and the ability to manage complex activations and billing, while cooperating with multiple players across the value chain,” said Chris Williams, head of global marketing at Amdocs.

“Service providers are perfectly placed to support these growing needs, and the highly scalable and flexible Amdocs IoT Monetization Platform is specifically designed to support this trend. Monetizing IoT services is another way for service providers to diversify their business while also improving the customer experience by providing their subscribers with new services they want, in a seamless manner.”

The Amdocs IoT platform also supports multiple engagement models for selling value-added services on top of new connected devices, and manages complex settlements from an ecosystem of partners. End users will be able to add any IoT device and service to their existing operator plans, while enjoying a seamless and simple experience.

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