Axis Bank Launches Augmented Reality Banking Solution

axis-bank-near-meAxis Bank on Wednesday added an augmented reality feature on its existing mobile app that offers variety of interactive banking solutions to its customers. The bank’s customers can use the feature called ‘Near Me’ to find ATMs, bank branches, pre-approved residential properties on a real time basis.

The ‘Near Me’ section is available in the pre-login module of Axis Mobile app, thereby making it accessible for use by anybody who downloads the app, and not necessarily by Axis Bank customers. Near Me allows users of the mobile app to view actual streets in a 360degree mode, through their mobile phone camera, anywhere in the country. The details of the location and venue will pop-up on the mobile screen as the user moves around the streets.

The Axis Bank app users can use Near Me to easily locate and navigate to the nearest Axis Bank ATMs & Branches through the app’s built-in location based service. Similarly, it helps in identifying the nearby restaurants which are under the Bank’s Dining Delights program. These restaurants offer discounts (minimum 15%) on Axis Bank Debit and Credit Cards.

The app also lets the user know about all the nearby properties that have been pre-approved by the Bank if the customer is interested in buying a property.

In addition to the AR feature, the bank offers a bouquet of services like pre login bill payments that helps customers save time while paying electricity, mobile bills and recharging DTH services.

“Our AR feature, ‘Near Me’, helps users to easily identify not just ATMs & Branches, but also restaurants, pre-approved properties and much more on the go. We are confident that this technology in Banking will be highly accepted by a large customer base,” said Amit Sethi, President and Chief Information Officer, Axis Bank.

According to Sethi Axis Bank also plans to add more merchants to its existing partnership programs to offer special deals and services.

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