Cisco Jasper Extends Its IoT Expertise Into Mobile Management Enterprises

Cisco Jasper unit known for its expertise in IoT devices launched Cisco Control Centre For Mobile Enterprises that automates the management of enterprise mobile services and devices.

The solution, which is an extension of the Cisco Jasper Control Center IoT service platform, provides enterprises with faster delivery of services, lower operational costs and predictable telecom bills. Control Center for Mobile Enterprise is directly integrated with service provider networks and systems, enabling real-time usage visibility, automated cost control and enterprise-grade self-serve management of mobile services and assets.

“Management of any connected device consists of common challenges like unpredictable service costs and inefficient management processes, and this is especially true for business mobile phones and tablets,” said Marc Austin, Head of Mobile Enterprise Products at Cisco Jasper. “Cisco Jasper has partnered with over 50 service providers worldwide to enable enterprises to automatically connect and manage their IoT services, and now we are extending the same proven capabilities to business mobile devices.”

“In the next two years, business smartphones will grow to over 1 billion subscribers globally,” said Jeff Orr, Research Director at ABI Research. “There is an immediate market need for solutions that help enterprises automate device connectivity, usage accounting, and service management, to curtail unnecessary mobility expenses.”

Control Center for Mobile Enterprise utilizes Cisco Jasper years of experience in connecting and managing IoT services to solve these critical challenges facing mobile enterprises today. The platform’s deep integration with mobile operator networks and systems delivers unique value to enterprises.The mobile management platform what has been mainly a manual driven process with the Control Centre for Mobile Enterprises, Jasper is looking to automate many of the manual functions of device management.

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