Facebook Files Patent To Control IoT Through Social Media

mark-zuckerberg-facebookIf you thought when the internet of things bug has bitten almost every technology firm in the last two years, how come it has spared Facebook, here’s a sneak peak for you. The World’s largest social media network company just does not want to be a part of this internet of things revolution, rather it wants to control it. Facebook wants to be at the center of all this IoT.

Facebook has filed for a patent in the US Patent and Trade Mark Office describing how a system developed by the company can control all IoT equipments and devices through social media, or through Facebook accounts.

Filed by inventors Scott Wiley, Adam Michael Beaton and Alan Dean Olsen, the system in the patent describes how social network can identify machines, such as  refrigerators, thermostats, heaters and drones, and makes a connection between them and the users. Once a connection is made, the user, through social network will be in a position to control the IoT devices.

“The social networking system stores information identifying a machine, which is a device that receives one or more instructions and performs an action in response to the one or more instructions. For example, a machine receives a control signal from the social networking system and performs an action based on the control signal. Example machines include: a thermostat, an automobile, a drone, a toaster, a computer, a refrigerator, an air conditioner, a robot, a vacuum, an actuator, and a heater,” the patent application reads.

“The social networking system includes information identifying the machine and one or more connections between the machine and one or more users capable of authorizing one or more actions associated with the machine, also referred to herein as “owners.”

By mentioning ‘owners’, Facebook certainly eyes at the B2B side of the IoT game, and not the consumer or end user aspects only. The ‘owners’ can give certain permissions to some users and other set of permissions to a different user. For example, a business house can give access to heating and cooling of a building to the house keeping department but may not like to give access the security control.

Why Facebook  Game For IoT?

May be because it is positioned at the best place to have a control over all things IoT. As internet of things is getting matured each passing day, vendors are coming out with their own sort of solutions or apps to control the said devices. At present, one may have a different app to control his home lightings and some other app to control the refrigerator or air conditioners. And most apps reside on the users’ smartphone.

Then how about having a single app that controls everything instead of crowding the smartphone with multiple apps? Facebook simply wants that. The company that is already connecting over a billion people on its social network with their zillion bytes of data, it sounds imperative that the firm goes for such a system that can control all user devices from just one app -Facebook.

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