Here’s How IoT Can Help You Win $50,000

Whether you are an IoT expert, developer, or have an intelligent mind, then MITRE is giving you a chance to win $50,000. The firm has announced the MITRE Challenge, Unique Identification of IoT Devices, under which its seeks to discover possible solutions for tackling the potential threats that emerge with IoT.

MITRE is a non for profit organisation and does research and development on various fields sponsored by the US government.

The company says, “We are looking for a simple, affordable solution to identify devices within an IoT network so rogue devices can be discovered.”

This is why the MITRE IoT team has built a model home network to serve as a testbed for the Challenge. This robust home system includes a broad array of affordable devices with diverse operating characteristics and it will be used to gauge participants’ knowledge and skills during the challenge.

People willing to participate in this challenge would need to register themselves between September-October. Then, between October and November, participant teams will be sent a link to short radio frequency recordings of Mitre’s testbed home environment. Each recording will contain a wide array of interconnected devices with some changes made to the network over time. Based on the recordings, participants must answer a set of questions about the home network, such as identifying the devices on it. After listening to all of the recordings, participants must answer questions about what may have changed on the network—e.g., was something added or deleted?

And then, the challenge would be opened for people in early November and run for 6 weeks during which participant teams would be judged based on their speed and accuracy.

Interestingly, this challenge is open to everyone. Right from entrepreneurs to college teams to large and small companies trying to make their mark in the IoT space can participate in this challenge.

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