How Samsung Changing Lives With Nomada Smart School

If it’s difficult for some children to get to their classrooms, why can’t the classrooms just go and find them?


What do you do when there are no schools nearby where you can send your kids for study? Or, worse, what if you don’t have the resources to send your children to far away schools? Will your children, then, be deprived of education? Think again! What if the school comes calling on you wherever you live, in stead of you going to the school?

Well, that’s exactly South Korean electronics major is doing in Colombia – by launching Nomada smart school, a school that visits one place to another to impart education.

Samsung Electronics on Friday launched a smart school called Nomada in Colombia. The school acts as a portable learning environment which gives the opportunity to children to use various technologies to create, innovate and have fun in different regions of the country in their learning process.

“The next step in this experience is to replicate the Smart School environment around the country – in both rural and urban areas,” says César Muñoz, Corporate Citizenship manager at Samsung Electronics Colombia.

“With Samsung’s technology the traditional classroom becomes a two-way learning environment that includes everything that we, in the last three years of research with Smart School, have learned about how to positively develop different learning processes through innovative technology ,” he added.

What Is A Nomada Smart School?

The Nomada Smart School concept comes from the word ‘nomad’ or the nomadic tribes who carry their household with them, travel one place to another and starts living at suitable places according to their need. Likewise, the Samsung Nomada smart school comes with a portable ‘Maloca’ (hut) classroom, designed by Samsung Electronics. The portable school is equipped with a 32 inch monitor, tablet PCs, tables, rugs and cushions designed for collaborative work. Emulating the interactions of Colombian nomadic tribe culture, children and young people can gather around in a circle to share knowledge.

The Nomada structure is transportable in order to share the experience with learners in different locations. The classroom can also record memorable stories from learners that it has previously encountered, allowing students to explore different communities and cultures and have new experiences. Each Nomada unit travels with a teaching facilitator, who is trained by Samsung.

Partnering With Local Communities

The Korean electronics major works with local partners to identify the communities where the classroom can have a positive impact. Accordingly, the Nomada smart school develops a strategy and curriculum that will allow the school to adapt to the educational objectives of each community with a touch of fun.

At present Samsung is closely working with local partners like Medellin Public Utilities Company Foundation (EPM Foundation), the Ministry of Science and Innovation (Colciencias) and the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare (ICBF). By the end of 2016, the company plans to have eight Nomada units traveling to different communities around Colombia. The Nomada smart school is a part of Samsung’s smart school program that has been running for last three years in Colombia.

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