Hyundai And Cisco Getting Cozy On Connected Car

Cisco and Hyundai have been working towards the concept of connected cars from past a year and now its slowly taking shape. Both the firms have been trying hard on developing a hardware that will be more advanced and could provide connectivity along with better features that comply with regional rules.

Their first priority, for this connected car, is to get the high-speed internet connectivity in place besides working on the specific features that a connected car has.

Cisco and Hyundai are first of all aiming at making five- and seven-year software updates that will be compatible across any hardware being implemented within the vehicles in order to future proof them.

“We’re working on probably more infrastructure related things right now instead of being struck with the complicated features that would however need a base hardware we are trying to get that full connectivity so that we could start to move the traffic around more efficiently,” Cisco Connected Car VP James Peters told ZDNet during the Cisco Live event in Las Vegas.

The company is currently working on vehicle-to-vehicle technology to make sure of the compatibility, globally with other car brands, and it feels that there will be “a fairly standard set of capabilities” and connectivity on all vehicles.

“We’ll be able to get the telemetry data, then we shall concentrate on locking that down with an internal security system, then we shall tie it end to end through the vehicle, really trying to open up the vehicle so we can start to take the share processing and create more central computing,”  ZDNet quoted Peter saying.

As Hyundai expects to bring fully automatic cars in market by 2030, both the companies are putting their efforts to make it a success. While Cisco is said to be in talks with telecom and 5G players to find the right kind of connectivity and ideal protocol, Hyundai is also involved in sort of talks with the global telecom operators.

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