Impinj Uses Intel IoT Platform For Its Retail Solutions

intel_job_cutRFID solutions provider Impinj has selected Intel retail sensor platform for its RAIN RFID retail solutions using ItemSense. ItemSense is a software developed by Impinj that enables businesses to quickly and easily integrate the identity, location and authenticity of everyday items, into enterprise applications. This software aggregates raw RAIN RFID data into real-time business-relevant events. It also centralizes and automates deployment, management and monitoring of RAIN RFID infrastructure including Impinj readers and gateways.

“The joint architecture between Impinj and Intel incorporates technology and know-how from both companies,” said Eric Brodersen, Impinj president and CEO.

“The powerful combination of the Retail Sensor Platform and ItemSense will help retailers grow their top line and gather data they can process with third-party analytics applications to help transform their business.”

“Both Intel and Impinj are teaming up to deliver an architecture built to meet the needs of modern retailers. As the connected retail industry works to solve critical operational and business growth bottlenecks, especially around better inventory visibility, the collective power of collaboration around IoT is rising to the forefront,” Intel said in a statement.

To help retailers improve store operations, boost top line sales and deliver actionable data analytics, the Intel retail sensor platform will now ship as part of the Impinj platform to deliver inventory intelligence. The result is more accurate inventory tracking, robust customer insights, and overall operational efficiency, all beautifully embedded in an approachable architecture designed with connected retail in mind.

The Intel retail sensor platform is a simple, affordable way for retailers to gather actionable, near-real-time inventory intelligence—saving money and converting more sales. It tracks items through RFID tags, preserving customer privacy, while keeping sales staff informed on inventory, stocking, customer traffic, and local demand. It can reduce losses from misplaced or out-of-stock items, and inventory shrink. The open source Trusted Analytics Platform (TAP) enables big data analytics in the cloud for deep insight.

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