Intel Unveils Advanced Vehicle Lab In Silicon Valley

Intel unveiled its Advanced Vehicle Lab in Silicon Valley, providing insight into the company’s R&D efforts towards driverless cars and the future of transportation.

The announcement was made during the company’s first Autonomous Driving Workshop held in San Jose, California. For the first time Intel – together with BMW, Delphi, Ericsson and HERE – presented the whole of its autonomous driving program.

The company’s Silicon Valley Lab joins Intel’s other labs in Arizona, Germany and Oregon. They have been created specifically to explore and better understand the  requirements related to self-driving vehicles including sensing, in-vehicle computing, artificial intelligence (AI), connectivity, and supporting cloud technologies and services.

Autonomous cars are expected to generate approximately 4 terabytes of data every 90 minutes of operation. Processing, managing, storing, analyzing and making sense of this data will be the biggest challenge faced by the autonomous driving industry.

Intel’s Autonomous Garage Labs work with customers and partners to come up with new ways of addressing the data challenge inside the vehicle, across the network and in the data center.
Advance testing tools ,including vehicles equipped with intel – based computing systems and sensors that gather data ; autonomous test vehicles that practice real-world driving; partner vehicles and teams are collaborating with Intel’s research efforts; and dedicated autonomous driving data centers.

Senior Vice President Doug Davis believes Intel is the leading technology company capable of addressing the data challenge in its entirety and is the reason he postponed his retirement.

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