IoT Enabled Smarttress Will Tell If Your Partner Is Cheating On You!


Internet of things or IoT is getting interesting day by day. A Spanish company has now produced a mattress, ‘smarttress’ that can, using internet of things solutions, alerts users if their partners are cheating on them.

The company, Durmet, is developing what it calls ‘smattress’, a kind of mattress that has ‘lover detection system’ that would send an alert message on your smartphone if your partner is cheating.

The smart mattress or smarttress can even detect if someone is using your bed in a questionable way. The mattress has been fitted with 24 ultrasound sensors inside the springs that can identify various movements on the mattress using built-in speedometers, that analyses duration, intensity and impact.

But what inspired this innovations?

According the manufacturer of ‘smarttress’, Durmet, use of social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp etc have increased the infidelity rates across the globe, but especially in Spain.

“We came up with the idea after we saw the figures on infidelity that said Spaniards were the most unfaithful in Europe. It is a concept that will bring peace of mind to men and women, not just during the night but also during the day while they are out at work and the bed should really be being used,” says Durmet spokesperson Jose Antonio Muinos.

The sensors built into the bed creates a 3D map to show how long the bad has been used, which part of the bed has been used most and how intense was the activity, besides telling the user how many impact there are per minute.

So, now you know what happens on your bed, only if it is a ‘smarttress’ when you are away, courtesy IoT.

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