IoT To Become Mainstream In 2016 : Gartner

m2mcafe_iot_gartnerThe internet of things or IoT will gain momentum and become mainstream in 2016, a recent survey by Gartner predicts. The survey was conducted among Gartner research Circle members spanning 465 professionals from different industry verticals across Asia Pacific, Latin America, North America and EMEA.

“2016 will be a very big year for IoT adoption. We are starting to see a wide range of IoT use cases across virtually all industries,” said Chet Geschickter, research director, Gartner.

“But, the big challenge now is demonstrating return on investment. Executives need to validate the contribution that IoT can make in order to justify large-scale rollouts.”

The survey showed 29% of the participating organizations are currently using IoT and another 14% are planning to implement IoT in next one year. The survey also found that another 21% organizations are planning to deploy IoT after 2016.

“While there is near universal acceptance of the importance of the IoT, less than a third of organizations surveyed were actively exploiting it,” added Geschickter.

“This is largely because of two reasons. The first set of hurdles are business-related. Many organizations have yet to establish a clear picture of what benefits the IoT can deliver, or have not yet invested the time to develop ideas for how to apply IoT to their business. The second set of hurdles are the organizations themselves. Many of the survey participants have insufficient expertise and staffing for IoT and lack clear leadership.”

The survey also pointed out that 38% of the surveyed organizations have no plan to implement IoT and additional 9% see there is no relevance of the technology.

The latest survey by Gartner also predicts that cyber security, managing business requirements and integration are the biggest challenges for the firms who have so far implemented IoT in their business processes.

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