Know The Countries With Maximum IoT Penetration

iot-securityThe World Economic Forum has come out with a new report depicting various country’s position in terms of internet of things (IoT) adoption. Contrary to popular belief, the US is not among the top three countries embracing the new technology.


The Koreans are on the top of the chart with almost 40 out of 100 people having IoT enabled devices on the network. Denmark is close second with 32.7% adoption while Switzerland has 29% IoT devices on the network. The US is placed at No. 4 with 24.9 people per 100 having IoT enabled devices.

“The Internet of Things (IoT) as an industry is still nascent, but that hasn’t stopped many tech companies from developing IoT devices, software and systems. In January 2014, Google acquired Nest, a smart thermostat and fire detector manufacturer, for $3.2 billion. Amazon released a voice-controlled speaker, the Amazon Echo, in November 2014, and the device has steadily grown in popularity. Apple released a revamped Apple TV over the summer to digitize the living room, with Siri integration and a sleek remote,” the World Economic Forum cited.

The report was produced in collaboration with online news publisher Quartz.

Still, IoT technology hasn’t gone mainstream. Changing behavior is difficult, and many technical issues like security need to be solved. But the OECD says that IoT devices can help governments make their operations more efficient, and transform transportation monitoring, eHealth, and energy.

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