Lockheed Martin To Use Orbcomm IoT Platform

orbcomm-lockheed-martinGlobal aerospace company Lockheed Martin has announced to use IoT platform of M2M platform and solutions provider Orbcomm for automated identification infrastructure. The aeronautics division of Lockheed Martin will use Orbcomm’s iApp application replacing its own RFID based data collection solutions.

Orbcomm will utilize Lockheed Martin’s next generation Automated Identification Technology (AIT) infrastructure to automate their data collection system.

Once integrated with the aerospace firm’s system, the iApp of Orbcomm will enable automated data capture, processing, retrieval, traceability and analysis of Lockheed Martin’ assets stored at various warehouses being managed by the company and its partners.

“We are pleased to be selected by Lockheed Martin as their technology partner in building a scalable, sensor-driven data collection solution to manage the movement of their assets around the world,” said Marc Eisenberg, Chief Executive Officer, Orbcomm.

“Orbcomm’s highly adaptable iApp platform can be quickly integrated with Lockheed Martin’s existing AIT enterprise system for immediate Return on Investment and streamlined operations.”

Orbcomm’s iApp platform will locate and track mission-critical assets enabled with RFID readers using a single enterprise solution for seamless, integrated operations. By leveraging Orbcomm’s best-in-class IoT platform, Lockheed Martin will improve operational efficiency, enhance security and maximize cost savings throughout their Aeronautics Division.


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