Mayo Clinic Partners GE Ventures To Use IoT For Gene Therapy

ge-venturesGlobally acclaimed Mayo Clinic Tuesday joined hands with technology major GE Ventures to use the power of internet of things (IoT) in the research of cell and gene therapies. Both the companies are planning to launch Vitruvian Networks that would use advanced software systems and manufacturing services based on cloud platform for the clinical research.

The newly formed Vitruvian Networks which will act as an independent platform company, will partner with therapy producers and provide them IoT based software and manufacturing platform. The platform, using machine learning and data analytics, will be a network enabler for therapeutic companies, GE Ventures said in a statement.

According to the partnership, Vitruvian Networks will use Mayo Clinic’s data related to cell therapy processes, clinical outcomes and biomarkers to enhance the depth of personalised therapies. The company will also use GE Healthcare’s technologies for cell therapy as well as that of other partners. Vitruvian Networks will also access GE’s other business units such as GE Healthcare, GE Aviation and GE Power to enhance its manufacturing processes, the statement added.

Initially Vitruvian Networks will focus on the production of autologous cell therapies that target blood cancers. The new company will also develop the industry standards, infrastructure and ecosystem that will protect patients and regulation in the field, added GE Ventures.

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