Meet UNLIMIT: Reliance’s New IoT Services Venture

As part of this venture, the group will provide Internet of Things services to Indian enterprises

To unleash the business potential of Internet of Things (IoT) services, Reliance Group has launched UNLIMIT—its IoT services venture. Reliance Chairman Anil Ambani had announced the venture last night. For UNLIMIT, Reliance Group has entered into a strategic partnership with Cisco Jasper with an aim to provide IoT services to enterprise customers in India.

Reliance’s IoT aspirations seem to be quiet thought- through. The group aims to churn high revenue numbers as well as hopes to accelerate its Digital India journey. Commenting on the revenue potential of IoT Services, Amitabh Jhunjhunwala, Group Managing Director, Reliance Group signalled at the projected growth of connected devices in the country. He told PTI that “The outlook for IoT services in India is virtually UNLIMITed, with the number of connected devices projected to rise from 200 million today to around 3 billion by 2020, and revenues set to increase from $5.6 billion today to USD 15 billion in 2020.”

In July this year the group had created a separate unit for IoT business and hired Juergen Hase as its CEO. On the launch of UNLIMIT Hase said IoT is a critical enabler for India’s growth.

In addition, Reliance Group also highlighted how the combination of Reliance’s mobile networks and cloud services along with Cisco Jasper IoT connectivity management platform will offer wide-ranging solutions for smart city initiatives across India. Companies who get on the UNLIMIT platform will benefit from Reliance group and Cisco Jasper’s network. Cisco Jasper’s partnerships with over 120 mobile networks worldwide will make it simple for businesses in India to expand their IoT services to new countries, as and when needed. Similarly, Reliance’s network will help them expand their wings in India.

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