Netherlands Creates World’s First Nationwide IoT Network


It is all over the news: Netherlands is going a step ahead with the Internet of things network. According to a latest Business Insider Intelligence report, the country, which recently made its IoT network live in Rotterdam and the Hague, will try and ensure the expansion of IoT network throughout the country by end of this year.

The Netherlands currently has a LoRa network up and running, which has been powered by KPN, the Dutch telco company. Did you just ask what is LoRa?  It is an open standard for Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWANs), which is used to connect low-power devices over a wide area at an affordable price. Its low battery consumption makes LPWANs a preferred choice for carrying out IoT deployments over the existing telecom networks.

KPN is not the only telco powering LPWANs in Netherlands. SigFox is another company which has launched a network for low power IoT devices across Netherlands. So does this mean LPWANs have become a favorable choice for people planning to implement a low-cost network for powering IoT devices?

The BI Intelligence reports suggests so. It says, as IoT adoption rates increase, LPWANs might completely encompass more nations in the near future. The report further goes on to share some interesting insights about Internet of Things.

For instance, number of IoT devices connected to the Internet will rise to 34 billion from 10 billion i.e. it will more than triple by 2020. Investments in the IoT space will increase manifold too. According to the BI Intelligence report, as much as $6 trillion cash being spent on IoT solutions in the next five years; and Publicis Group’s recent funding announcement for 19 IoT ventures is just a step in the right direction.

And what would drive businesses to opt for IoT solutions? Businesses would opt for them for lowering their operating costs, increasing their productivity, or for developing newer products.

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