Oasis Smart SIM Has An eSIM solution for IoT Connected Devices

A lot of activity is taking place in the field of Internet of Technology (IoT). Every day, we hear about newer launches, newer products and newer ways of leveraging IoT for making this world a better and connected place. The latest addition to this list has been done by Oasis Smart SIM. The company demonstrated its embedded Software SIM (eSIM) at the recently held ARM TechCon at Santa Clara this October.

This new embedded software SIM will to embed USIM functionalities inside devices and machines without the constraints of integrating removable or built-in SIM hardware, and providing seamless connectivity and remote provisioning of IoT smart devices.The eSIM Operating System runs securely on an ARM-based processor and works along with eOS Subscription Manager, the associated remote SIM provisioning and lifecycle management platform. The platform enables the device to be securely provisioned and managed with multiple network subscriptions.

One must note, Oasis is known in the field of SIM and USIM Operating System for years. Its trademarked “HeliOS” product, and technology is embedded in more than 200 million devices via standard removable SIM card or embedded M2M modules. eSIM is the company’s way of reshaping the SIM ecosystem.

Commenting on the eSIM Olivier Leroux, Oasis’ CEO sai, “Our motto being to “reshape the SIM business”, our “2 clicks connectivity” solution based on a SoftSIM application and its complimentary remote subscription manager is clearly meeting this ambition. It embeds the USIM functionality and more generally an IoT Connectivity directly into devices, avoiding the use of removable SIM hardware which increases the manufacturing costs and time-to-market for device makers. The complimentary subscription management platform enabling to remotely switch networks and manage the eSIM lifecycle, will ease the customers’ logistics and let them the freedom of choosing and switching the cellular operator whenever they wish. This is the way we reshape our ecosystem.

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