Pfizer, IBM Join Hands To Use IoT For Parkinson’s Research

pfizer-iotTwo global majors in their respective fields, Pfizer and IBM, have joined hands to use the power of internet of things (IoT) on research around Parkinson’s disease. The research will connect multiple physical objects like medical devices to collect and analyse data to offer better treatment for patients.

The joint effort will use host of sensors, mobile devices, medical equipment and machines that could deliver round the clock, real time disease symptom monitoring of Parkinsosn’s patients to doctors and researchers, reports Forbes.

Peter Bergethon, vice president and head of quantitative medicine at Pfizer, explained that Pfizer’s interest in an IoT is twofold: research and commercial. The company will first pilot the system in a clinical trial setting, and eventually, Pfizer wants to pursue a regulatory path for its IoT to market it to healthcare providers.

“We need to understand not just why we’re making someone symptomatically better, but we also need to identify earlier on who needs the drug and if we’ll be able to make a difference in the disease progression,” Bergethon said in an interview.

Pfizer is aiming to begin a clinical trial using the IoT in 2018 and enroll up to 200 research participants, both control subjects and those with Parkinson’s disease who are already taking existing therapies to manage their symptoms.

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