Salesforce puts your IoT data for sales and marketing use

Salesforce has announced a new IoT initiative called IoT Explorer Edition which has been designed to help customers analyse and make use of IoT data. This is not the first IoT product from Salesforce, in 2015 it had launched Salesforce IoT Cloud at company’s mega Dreamforce Conference.

The IoT Explorer Edition offers what Salesforce is calling a “low code” way of generating IoT business workflows. Which enable even a Non-technical personnel to pick and choose processes and connect to different devices and sensors to create some type of automated workflow.


As the Internet of Things becomes a thing, adopters are generating lots of data that isn’t necessarily being used in sales and marketing process. Iot Explorer Edition will automate reactions to that data.

For instance, a wind turbine company and wants to get a service notice when the turbine was going to require service. It could create a workflow that triggers that notice when capacity falls below a certain level.

Salesforce, integrating this information with other products like Salesforce Service Cloud, so if the workflow triggers a service call, it would provide service person access to the service history as well.

will also enable businesses to make proactive service calls as it can predict with some degree of certainty when a device is going to need service.

The new IoT Explorer Edition will be generally available starting on October 17th as an add-on to Salesforce’s various clouds.

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