Samsung, Deakin University Join hands To Better Healthcare

Together would explore the IoT and artificial intelligence world to come up with smart solutions that can simplify the support for elderly and physically challenged
deakin-universityWith an aim to better healthcare, Samsung Australia has entered into a partnership with Deakin University and Unisono, an independent research group. Together, they would explore the IoT and artificial intelligence world to develop smarter healthcare solutions that can make a positive difference to people’s lives.
According to Zdnet, the partnership will see the trial of three smart home technology-focused projects focus on diabetic patients, elderly and brain/spinal injury patients. Samsung’s hardware and Deakin’s software would be leveraged for the successful execution of these three projects.

Under the project targeting the diabetic patients, Samsung and Deakin are working upon a diet management solution for people suffering from Type 2 diabetes. The trials of this healthcare solution, which aims to help diabetic patient stick to their diet, have already begun.

The project aimed at the elderly would raise the bar for aged care support. The researchers would focus on coming up with solutions that would enable elderly (with/without ailments) to lead an independent life—so much that they won’t need a nurse standing on their side all the time.

For people suffering from brain damage or spine injury, researchers would work in conjunction with the Transport Accident Commission.

What got Samsung so interested in healthcare one may wonder? Aitken, CTO and head of New Business Development at Samsung Australia gave a satisfactory explanation to ZDNet. He shared that Samsung and Deakin University want to push the boundaries of smarter healthcare and come up with solutions that are not just limited to switching on lights or opening doors. “We really want to put the smarts into smart homes,” he said.

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