Samsung Showcases Plethora Of IOT Products At Samsung Forum

Taking a big step towards M2M and IoT, Samsung on Thursday demonstrated plethora of IoT enabled devices at the company’s annual event, Samsung Forum, being held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The devices include smart refrigerators, smart kitchen appliances, and other home appliances.


Some of these products were demonstrated in this year’s CES at Las Vegas. The show stunner was the smart refrigerator called Family Hub Refrigerator. This home appliance is fitted with sensors, cameras and developed on Tizen platform. With the help of the cameras, the refrigerator takes the picture of the stuff inside and sends information like food life etc to a mobile app. There is a display panel where it shows which food stuff will last how long. Thus prompting you to eat or finish the stuff in time.


Three cameras placed at the side panel

Not only that, the refrigerator can order food itself from grocery stores through an app and the user can access the fridge from anywhere on his mobile phone. The smart refrigerator also tracks the food habit of the family and sends alert messages when required.

The IOT enabled refrigerator also plays music and can stream your TV on its display. It also runs customized messages, videos and pictures on its display giving it a lively feel.


Vacuum cleaner

The Korean tech giant also demonstrated its smart home concept. For example, one’s home can be connected with IOT enabled TV, door locks, lights, ACs etc. And the entire home can be controlled through a mobile app called SmartHome. Using the smart home concept one can control the lights, when to switch on the ACs, and remotely opening the door lock without using any key or without any physical intervention. Even the house can be cleaned and the clothes can be washed when there is no one at home. Samsung demonstrated the IoT enabled vacuum cleaner which can be preset to start work after one leaves the home. Similarly the washing machine can do the cleaning, drying of clothes automatically before one comes back home.


Similarly, Samsung also demonstrated what it called Granny’s room. It is meant for the aged or senior people at home. This room can be connected with IOT enabled lights, health sensors, ACs and bed. The bed of the aged person who needs regular personal care can be connected with a sensor that would give information to other appliances in that room. For example, when the person goes to bed to sleep, the room’s AC can be switched on automatically with room lights going into a dim mode. The bed also monitors the heart beat and respiratory habits of the person and maintaining it in cloud-based system. And this can be looked at by the family physician remotely. The doctor can take necessary remedial actions as per the requirement.

The Samsung Granny’s room can be controlled by a mobile app.


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