Sigfox To Expand Its IoT Networks In 100 US Cities

sigfox_logoFrench internet of things company Sigfox has said it’s going to develop it’s IoT networks in 100 cities of the US by the end of this year. Earlier the company was planning to do the same in only 10 cities. The said networks would connect millions of sensors to the internet and provide specific data to respective industry verticals and services.

However, the French company is not going to use the traditional cellular technology, reports Fortune, to connect the sensors to the internet. Instead, Sigfox would rely on shorter wave radio spectrum that can send small amount of data to longer distances and at the same time consume less power compared to the cellular technologies.

“The U.S. is a huge growth market for Internet of things connectivity, especially in smart cities, utilities, shipping and agriculture sectors that require large-scale and cost-effective communication,” said Sigfox’s North America president, Allen Proithis.

Sigfox so far has developed LPWA (low power wide area) networks in around 18 countries and moving very fast in the US. According to the company Sigfox’s networks connect more than 7 million devices including sensors.

The French company also announced its partnership with Altice, another French company that has got FCC approval to buy Cablevision. The partnership with Altice makes a lot of sense for Sigfox it can ride on the latter’s huge already established network which would allow a quick access to market for Sigfox.


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