South Korea Rolls Out Nationwide Internet of Things Network


Everyone has been talking about Internet of Things (IoT), but apart from enterprises now even countries are joining the IoT race and are trying to leverage this technology for building one of the low-cost, commercial networks for connecting its people. Take South Korea for example.

Recently, we heard that Netherland has switched to an IoT network with help from KPL, the telecommunications company.  And now, South Korea has also joined the list. The country has reportedly launched its first commercial, low-cost Internet of Things (IoT) network and has even released its pricing and future plans for the services.

The company which helped South Korea successfully launch an IoT network—that too six months ahead of the timeline—is SK Telecom. SK Telecom constructed nationwide LoRaWAN (Long range wide area network) in six months and integrated it with the existing LTE-M network that were deployed in March. Both these technologies will enable connected devices from public, enterprises and government to capture and process data that can be used for various purposes. The idea behind this move was to make Internet available to more than 99% of the country’s population. Unlike Facebook’s Free Internet, this will be a paid service for which the monthly price plans range from 350 Korean won ($0.30, £0.20) to 2,000 Korean won.

This pricing won’t burn a hole in the users’ pocket for sure”. SK telecom claims that these price plans are “highly affordable” and cost one-tenth of its current LTE-based IoT services which will ease the cost burden of startups and small and medium enterprises. To ensure that this IoT network becomes a success in South Korea, the telecom company i.e. SK Telecom is investing up to 100 billion wons for developing the infrastructure first.

And how would South Korean citizens benefit out of it? They will get a chance to smartly manage their devices connected to the Internet—when the fridge needs a refill, who is accessing their home’s camera and more. And there are many more such services in the offing. Sounds cool!

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