TrackerSense To Use Aeris IoT Solutions To Improve Productivity

aeris_m2mTrackerSense, a global package tracking service provider, has decided to use Aeris IoT solutions to offer robust, affordable and reliable package tracking solutions to its customers. With Aeris’s solutions, Trackersense can provide reliable connectivity, global roaming, and a flexible platform to track its customers’ shipments worldwide in real time.

TrackerSense is using the Aeris machine-optimized and patented AerCore IoT and M2M network, AerPort connectivity platform and AerVoyance IoT and M2M analytics platform to provide low cost, single-use or rechargeable solutions to effortlessly track and provide valuable intelligence regarding shipments, including position tracking, temperature, pressure, light exposure and shock.

“For a product like ours, when things go wrong you need an IoT or M2M solution that just needs to work. After evaluating other vendors beyond an impressive platform, what stood out for us about Aeris was their strong technical knowledge about IoT and M2M and this is what we felt would benefit our business the most. On top of this, the company’s team is there to help you in every step of the way to isolate issues and provide a quick resolution,” said TrackerSense Director Wayne Soutter.

TrackerSense products go well beyond the traditional point-to-point track and trace solutions in the courier, package and postal markets. By leveraging the latest GPS and land-based tracking services, TrackerSense offers real-time tracking and sensing anywhere in the world. Depending on how often the unit is programmed to check in, the Trackersense device is capable of having more than 15 days of battery life. Customers can access the TrackerSense web portal to view tracking history, current location and, for the TrackerSense Ultra versions, environmental data of shipments enabling full tracing capability.

“When tracking packages and shipments in transit, the only point of contact you often have is with the IoT/M2M device. Our made-for-machines network and global roaming capabilities give our customers the ability to maintain that critical contact with the device throughout the entire process, from shipment to arrival,” says Mohsen Mohseninia, vice president for international market development at Aeris. “When something does go wrong, we pride ourselves in working with our partners to quickly provide an answer and solution to ensure they can meet their customers’ expectations.”

Aeris’s global support of major cellular technology standards, such as GSM, CDMA, and LTE, enables partners like TrackerSense to offer customers flexibility and the potential for growth throughout the globe.

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