Two Fifth Users Feel Naked Without Wearables : Report


While Internet of Things (IoT) and connected devices are gaining traction worldwide, an interesting fact about wearables has surfaced. A recent survey found that two in five users of wearables feel naked when not using their devices. More interestingly one in five users even sleep with their wearable devices.

These interesting facts about the future of communication and connected devices were reported in the latest Ericsson Consumer Lab report ‘Wearable technology and the internet of things.’

The report mentions that six out of 10 smartphone users state that wearables have uses beyond health and wellness. Devices related to personal safety and security, such as panic buttons and personal locators, attract most interest.

Of the total users surveyed, 32% want personal safety features like panic or SOS buttons to be in their wearable device. This is followed by 27% users who want smartwatches as their prefered wearable device.

The Ericsson Consumer Lab report captures the opinions of 5,000 smartphone users (of which 2,500 are wearable users) in Brazil, China, South Korea, the UK and the US, representing the views of 280 million smartphone users globally.

In addition to the top five most-wanted wearables, it shows consumers predict a booming wearables market beyond 2020, as well as that wearables might replace smartphones and will help consumers interact with physical things and objects in the internet of things (IoT) era.

The report also says that wearable technology will also accelerate the convergence of the digital and human worlds, by bringing people into the (IoT). While consumers are confident that wearable technology will help them interact with objects in their surroundings, they also say that this technology may not necessarily be devices. 60 percent believe that ingestible pills and chips under the skin will be commonly used in the next five years – not only to track vital health data, but also to unlock doors, authenticate transactions and identity, and to control objects. Already today, 25 percent of smartwatch owners use their smartwatch to remotely control other digital devices at home, and 30 percent use voice search on their smartwatches.

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