Withings Launches Connected Health Devices In India


French firm Withings that builds connected health and wellness electronic equipment Monday launched its products in India. The company partnered with distributor Brandeyes to launch its entire product lineup in the country where almost all of its health and fitness related gadgets and apps can be accessed and bought.

In May this year Withings, the French consumer electronics company, was acquired by Nokia for $190 million. With this acquisition, the Finland-originated company wants to strengthen its internet of things or IoT portfolio and hopes to scale up its digital health products.

The products that were launched yesterday in India include activity trackers, smart body analyzer scales, thermometers, blood pressure monitors, home and baby monitors and more, built on a sophisticated digital health platform.

Withings Health Mate Application is a health app that resides on the Withings health cloud.  This application –which is compatible with a variety of devices and application that enables user to immediately access all the data relating to their health, including activity, weight, heart and sleep. This free application is available on all iOS and android devices.

Body is a digital Wi-Fi scale that helps users get a full understanding of their body composition and easily achieve their weight goals. It measure weight, BMI, Fat Mass, Muscle Mass, Bone Mass, Hydration Level & weather forecast.The gadget is priced at Rs 12,499.

Activite is another gadget that tracks physical activity of a human being. It cab track run, walk, swim, or dance and everything but the gadget does not require charging. It also does not need any  button to be pressed to switch it ‘On’. The Activite gadget comes in three variants and priced from Rs 14,999 to Rs 34,999.

Aura is a gadget that tracks your sleep and monitors sleep patterns. It discreetly records your sleeping environment, providing you with a complete understanding of your sleep patterns. Using scientifically validated light and sound programs, Withings Aura positively impacts your wake up and fall asleep experience, which are both instrumental in improving your sleep cycles and overall well-being. This gadget is priced at Rs 25,999.

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